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This company has devoted to research on Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) since established, and “ Promotes people's health” is our purport. We has signed the cooperation of research project on LAB from 1977 with the domestic national university and organization.


Company evolution

  • Developed the new generation of “sport-type” LAB + oligo products
  • Developed biotechnological healthy foot – the Yogurt Ball
  • TCELL-1 biotechnology food co., Ltd. has established.
  • The product officially went on the market, started in the national each big convenience store, 7-11, SOGO department store and so on to place the marketing.
  • Had started the isometric to sell the shop marketing in Makro.
  • Developed the new product yogurt Ball of grape, yogurt Ball of peanut and used low temperature of the naturally to form the law manufacture at the establishment new test factory, guaranteed activeness of the lactic acid bacteria and the OLIGO.
  • In October and in December had the honor to receive achievement first on the Taipei SOGO department store “FOOD category”.
  • In January, in February had the honor to receive achievement first on the Taipei SOGO department store “FOOD category”.
  • In July signed "the lactic acid bacteria research cooperation contract" with some national universities.
  • Developed the product "the T-CELL - pellet lactobacillus bacteria".
  • In February, in May had the honor to receive achievement first on the Taipei SOGO department store “FOOD category”.
  • In July signed "the cooperation research contract" supplementary contract.
  • Developed the "T-CELL", "C-PLUS" the series pellet lactobacillus products, the chitin and the lactobacillus were intergraded to promotes the efficiency of these products.
  • The innovation domestic viable lactobacillus manufacture reached billion cell forming units (CFU/g) at the actual quantity output value by the high tech technological development new production method.
  • Signed the " Confirmation of functional food and intestinal tract probiotics potency " with Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI).
  • This website was opened.
  • The new product "T-CELL II" had been gone on the market.
  • Officially changed the name to "T-CELL Biotechnology Food Co., Ltd."
  • Bacteria strains had been patently stored in FIRDI with No.FP000053th certificate, and the serial number were “CCRC 910145” .
  • The certificate of survival test with No. 000055 in FIRDI.
  • Patented claim document number 089115288 th in Intellectual Property Office (IPO).
  • Bacteria strains had been patently stored in ATCC with the survival certificate PTA-2406.
  • IPO carried on the substantive examination to the case .
  • Patent was sent for approval the document number 2000 -314165 in Japan .
  • Patent was sent for approval to ten countries (US etc.,).
  • The patent product “TCELL-1 powder" had been gone on the market.
  • TCELL-1 powder was applied the Health Supplement Food Authorization.
  • TCELL-1 powder were prepared to sell to Japan .


  • Has attained Hong Kong HK1047295 number letter patent to TCELL-1.
  • TCELL-1 had been published on 64nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association in Sapporo .


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